Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The anxiety and joy is building up.

My young friends are coming to the end of the most significant 9 months of their lives and together we celebrate the beauty and richness of their curves full of promises.

Time is moving slowly, the day is almost here….

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The THELEMA WINE ESTATE is magnificent, especially when clad in Autumn colours. The designs of the vineyards clinging to the mountain slopes are reminiscent of a richly textured tapestry and their early morning mood, a delight to explore with my camera. This is another subject so familiar to me as I photograph it every year in the context of an “AUTUMN IN THE VINEYARDS” Workshop but this time decided to go back on my own to look for new perspective and interpretations.The best part was to be lost in my own bubble for a few hours with no other commitment than my own creativity trying to retain the depth of visual perceptivity I experienced in our recent Namibian trip.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Just in case you wonder why we go back and back.....
Sorting my Desert pics, I need to pinch myself as I still can't believe this is what I saw.

I have roamed the desert for 20 years and this must have been the most spectacular display of clouds, storms and light I have ever seen in Namibia. We had several thunder storms every day. What a show and it was so very hot.

Wet-kikoy-hot! It means wearing a wet kikoy(large, colourful Kenyan cloth) over our shoulders all day and sleeping under one in an attempt to survive the scorching heat of 45 to 50 degree centigrade we had for a month.

I had a good time with a lot of laughing as our Workshop Participants joined in to make my birthday a fun time in spite of getting up at 3.30 am.

But if it was to see sunrises like these, what a pleasure to be able to say: "another hard day at the office !" in such a marvelous setting.