Thursday, June 11, 2015


The Cape Town Photographic Club celebrates its 125 anniversary this year and one of the high lights amongst their special events was an excellent Mini Congress in De Hoop where Guy and I were honored to be amongst the guest speakers.

The weather was not great but this did not stop us to rise early I the hope of catching a sunrise at Koppie Alleen. It was so overcast as we made our way to the beach by the light of our head lamps that it was soon obvious no sun was going to pierce this dense canopy of clouds. As always, I never give up and started shooting in complete darkness, painting the rocks in front of me with light. The beam of my flash light looked ridiculously insignificant in front of this majestic landscape and amazingly, it had some effect while the sea and sky blended in countless shades of blues to deep indigo. Eventually, a little glimpse of light filtered through the clouds and surprised me with the most unexpected range of colours dancing over the water and trough the waves. 
It was a great start of the day!