Saturday, November 16, 2013


The appealing aspect of Macro Photography is that I can explore the limitless world of my own perceptions. While I concentrate on floral impressions, I also respond to what motivates me, search for the gesture and flow of energy of my subjects. Touched by light, their colour, shape and essence move in and out of focus and I embark on a flight of imagination.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Every year I take a day trip, through the Overberg to photograph the winter scenes of bright yellow canola fields nestled amongst luminous green wheat or a few weeks later, the lines and contours of the freshly harvested land. We started this last escapade to reach the area at sunrise and in stead of the usual mist lingering at the bottom of the Elgin valley, we were blessed with fresh, very clear vistas stretching silently in warm light. It is the comfort of these well know scenes and the pleasure it gives me to discover them in different weather conditions I find so appealing.

DE HOOP WORKSHOP - October 2013

We came back from De Hoop Nature Reserve, tired and elated after our annual visit in this favorite location and were not disappointed with the photographic opportunities De Hoop offers. The skies were spectacular in colours and cloud formations, a sunrise in the dunes where thick mist rolled in suddenly soon became another new dramatic situation to explore and a very clear night gave Eric the chance to teach me how to get the most successful shots of the Milky Way. Combined with very long exposures, all this was condusive to push the boundaries of literal interpretation of natural scenes to transform the land into “Dreamscapes” made on the edge of twilight.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The threatening weather over simple subjects in a rural French landscape captured my imagination. The Medieval Castles, being an integral part of the country side punctuate the fields and orchards, while the silver ribbon of the Dordogne stretches under moody skies. The last poppies of the season bewitch me and in framing these photographs I tried to create a small canvas enhancing curves, lines and textures inviting the viewer to see them with me.