Friday, July 13, 2018

AUS VISTA WORKSHOP 2018 - "May all who come as guests leave as friends"

Recently JJ Van Heerden asked me if I would help him present the Aus Photographic workshop he has been running in Namibia for many years with the efficient help of Tanya Stergiano;
Happily, in the beginning of June, we all migrated to what was going to be my first workshop on KLEIN AUS VISTA, the magnificent property of the most hospitable Swiegers family and their delightful staff.
The Desert Horse Inn provides the perfect base to roam the pastel plains and guide our group from one photographic opportunity to another, rarely shooting the same subject twice.
Soon enough, the participants arrived and the joy of seeing old friends joining us was matched by the excitement of meeting new passionate photographers. We were fortunate to have had the most beautiful light all week with a couple of seductive sunsets and the pinkest earth shadows to bask in. The variety of subjects we shot ranged from the infamous wild Desert horses to shepherds and their goats, Milky Way, never-ending landscapes fringed with rocky mountains and dunes. Our day trip to Lüderitz saw us taking off in the dark and rain but by the time we reached the ghost town of Kolmanskop, the sun was out and hot. Never before have I experienced Lüderitz and Dias point, where we shot huge waves crashing on the rocks, without a breath of wind!
As a result of JJ’s stimulating new AV on tree montages, we shot trees and more trees and in our exuberance, were about to hug each one too. Our participants got right into the spirit of the Desert photographic workshop and produced exciting and inspiring images in an atmosphere of fun, always encouraging each other to see things from different perspectives.
I am an experienced traveler and workshop presenter with high expectations and I was not disappointed and already look forward to next year when we will take the road up North again.

Following photos taken in the Padda Pit area

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Going back to the Namib Desert has always been a favorite trip, which makes me feel alive and the vast landscape never fails to feed my soul. A wonderful sense of freedom takes over, gives me wings and rekindles my inspiration. So it was with excited anticipation that we took the road north, our destination being Klein Aus Vista, where we planned to present a photographic workshop which will be described in the next post.

Having crossed the border at Noordoewer, we turned left and followed the Orange River towards Rosh Pinah. Around midday, the barren lunar landscape in shades of steel grey with its layers of blue mountains is simply fascinating and I attempted to capture this surreal atmosphere.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Some hoard them, some restore them, some race them, I photograph them…

A new year, a new idea!
Recently I spent a bright, hot, sunny morning photographing an old favorite subject captured many times in conventional ways. But this time, the light being so strong, lent itself to graphic results which was carried further in post processing as I find the old rusty cars most appropriate for this treatment. Being familiar with my subject, made it possible to immediately visualize photographs with dramatic contrasts and knew the feeling I hoped to convey. Thus having an idea of how I wanted the finished image to look. However the exciting part is always the element of surprise in some of the unexpected designs as the images emerge. Then it is time to concentrate on the balance of the patterns, develop them paying great attention to the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space.
I focused on designs and had fun.