Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The threatening weather over simple subjects in a rural French landscape captured my imagination. The Medieval Castles, being an integral part of the country side punctuate the fields and orchards, while the silver ribbon of the Dordogne stretches under moody skies. The last poppies of the season bewitch me and in framing these photographs I tried to create a small canvas enhancing curves, lines and textures inviting the viewer to see them with me.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Harry & Susan’s garden wins prizes every year for being the most beautiful one in Carlux and did not fail to seduce me. The gracious curves of the paths lead you through the flowing, lush and natural patterns Harry has created. The careful blend of water features, stone walls, moss and fragrant shrubs frame cameos of landscape and creates a romantic atmosphere that still makes me dream….

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Between the old stone houses and winding streets of this medieval village perched upon a mountainous ridge, views of a lush green countryside were not the only thing to lure me along. The stormy skies added to the mystery of the fascinating stories I was told by the curious locals I met while the wild and rambling roses softened the rustic buildings and created romantic corners I explored with pleasure. 


At the end of September, we spent a five days workshop in the wonderful DE HOOP Nature Reserve where we encouraged 18 Participants to go beyond shooting the classic scenes, be clear about their interest in the subject and while saying something personal about the experience, develop an individual style of photography.

We abandoned preconceptions and expectations and turn the opportunities that paved this week into a voyage of discovery while I invoked the “Photographic Gods” with vigor!

The weather and light was wonderful.