Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's a time for reflecting....
Having just celebrated my 60th birthday as well as my eldest daughter's engagement makes me acutely aware of the milestones in my life.
So, as I started the current DANCE OF LIGHT basic photo course I present in Stellenbosch, I noticed, not without some trepidation that it was the 50th one since 1996 when I began to teach photography.
Looking back at the long years of helping people to discover their creativity through the mediums of Ceramic and Photography I realize with pleasure that I have not lost my passion for these disciplines, and awakening the creative potential in my pupils still fills me with joy. Sharing my knowledge, taking pictures and especially evoking emotions through my images, sustains my creative hunger.
When I examine the layers of the beautiful, rich and intricate tapestry of my life, I see it filled with great opportunities and wonderful people who give me constant support, encouragement and inspiration.
The collection of recent photographs chosen to celebrate this momentous occasion is an eulogy to them all.