Monday, October 3, 2022


Although we were late in the season, we still saw many beautiful displays of flowers, but the highlight was our accommodation on Brandkop Guest Farm. Our gracious hosts warmly welcomed us and when we discovered the location of our little house we were instantly hooked. Simple and comfortable, we had everything we needed, with a view!

Following the sunsets, the earth shadows transformed the world in pinks and magenta's. We soon found ourselves under a cascade of stars, sunrises brushed the landscape in intense oranges, birds twittering from first glow and lingering on the rapidly evaporating dam and silence, such beautiful silence….

We felt alone in the world, absorbed the tranquillity and Spring colours in the veld all around us. It felt as if I was in a painting.

We so enjoyed this area that I chose photographs exploring it as well as the nearby Gannabos Farm with it’s fascinating Kokerboom forest. Walking amongst these Quiver trees was such a treat as they looked sculptural in the early morning light and their unusual bark making the most intricate graphic designs. We could even see our little house in the distance and really appreciate its location.

We visited the Nieuwoudtville waterfall in the late afternoon and found the top fall still running with enough water for it to look silky when shot with slow shutter speed but it was the reflections of the rocks basking in last copper light of the day that sang for me.

I also enjoyed the area of fairy gardens growing out of the depressions and cracks in some interesting rocks. They formed such appealing and colourful patterns that I immediately saw the potential to explore them for Mirror Montages and some worked beautifully, giving a Persian carpet feel to the landscape. 




Thursday, August 4, 2022


Although there was still much water thundering down the waterfall and roaring through the gorge to mesmerize me and give a feeling of being sucked down into it. I chose different scenes to illustrate our recent visit to this part of the world. I guess my new long lens was instrumental in isolating some cameos of the 'Cubist' rock formations or observe the unpredictable, turbulent air movement rising from the bottom which sends the steam up in continuously changing patterns, some of it rising high enough to filter the light of the sunrise into a mysterious golden shroud.

This lunar landscape stretches for ever and the black mountains and red rocky outcrops, still fringed by gold grass, make for breath taking views from the top of the Swart Rante. 

We discovered that there is a glass fronted cottage tucked under the viewing platform of Oranjekom Gorge and we have promised ourselves to stay there one day to enjoy the incredible view down the canyon where the colours of the rocks change dramatically through the day.