Friday, December 12, 2008


The macro lens allows us to discover a world that is only visible through the lens, therefore using a technique of selective focus, I enter the realm of fantasy and embark on the creative process.
The composition of these images need to be meticulously executed as the balance of every detail is crucial to its success.
I realized, long ago, that I am the one to control what happens in front of my lens because of what happens to me, deep inside myself on the other side of the camera, so it is essential that I must focus myself long before I focus my camera.
I become aware once again that it is not "what I photograph" but rather "HOW I PHOTOGRAPH WHAT" that says something about the way I view and celebrate life.

Join us on a MACRO WORKSHOP and immerse yourself in reverie and creativity.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here I am at long last, and with all the help I can get again from Eric Palmer, my 'WIZZ KID' son, I am starting this new venture, my very own blog! Seriously encouraged by my friends Karin Brynard and Ansie Du Toit who infuse me regularly with good ideas, I take the plunge and introduce my photography with a collection of my favourite landscapes.
Nature photography is one of the most demanding subject when it comes to composition and when successful, a good composition will grab your attention. When approaching a subject, through careful observation I am on a quest to make it my own.