Thursday, October 9, 2014


Some weeks ago, Paddy and I drove to Namaqualand and looked forward to photograph wonderful fields of flowers but warm winds blew a few days before our visit and the daisies had gone to seeds overnight. As we both know the area around Kamieskroon very well, we still found some displays impressive enough to explore both as vistas and with our Macro lenses. I had not been up there for photography for so many years and I found myself just as excited as when I first discovered the many surprises hiding amongst the granite koppies. In the mountains, the pear trees were in full bloom and on the Xnara farm, we met Edward, a Nama shepherd who welcomed us on his land in a mixture of Afrikaans and English, explaining that these days he struggles to speak Nama and delighted me when he summed this up in a most descriptive way saying my tongue can no longer “bok en krul en klak” the difficult sounds of my native language.

We had warm days with beautiful light and visited our favorite sights to discover the little white aquatic spiloxenes still dancing over the streams amongst spectral highlights and the majestic rock formations of the waterfalls glowing in Jerepiko light at the end of the day. We dedicated a morning to the old cars and while framing them in many familiar compositions, we nostalgically spoke about the marvelous time we spent up there and all the friends we made whom had such an important influence on our lives and shaped our photographic eyes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We spent a few days in Paternoster on the West Coast, a favourite spot for relaxing and I know this place for its gentle waves stretching themselves lazily over the intriguing sand patterns of the beach. This time we arrived in the middle of a winter storm and it was exhilarating to watch the waves crashing on the shore and the rain lashing about.  The moment the sun burst through the clouds, I was out enjoying the drama around me and its unexpected strong coloured reflections on the wet sand.

In the last light I captured the moving water amongst the rocks and the next day in bright sunshine the fierceness of the waves bursting on the boulders was thrilling.

Thank you Lydia and Dave for the fabulous time!